Chuckie Harrison Design

Premium Quality Fonts

With 1000+ carefully spaced kerning pairs and multi-language support, all Chuckie Harrison Fonts meet the highest standards of excellence. You will never encounter the annoying spacing issues that typically come with inexpensive fonts – Chuckie Harrison Fonts are professional quality at an entry-level price.

Superb Cut Files

Your next creative project will POP when you use a Chuckie Harrison SVG. Easy-to-assemble layered SVGs will work perfectly with your Cricut or Silhouette and your next scrapbooking, greeting card, or other creative project is sure to be amazing!

High Caliber Clipart

Chuckie Harrison Clipart sets are high-resolution 300dpi PNG images with bold and crisp lines that will look amazing no matter how you size them.

Mrs. Harrison’s Class Clipart

Mrs. Harrison’s Class is a unique collection of clipart featuring a diverse set of characters called Mrs. Harrison’s Class. Mrs. Harrison’s Class is made up of 12 children, six boys and six girls, each with a different skin tone, garment, and hair style.

What makes Mrs. Harrison’s Class unique? Each volume of clipart features the same 12 characters in a variety of postures, activities, and emotions- there is continuity between each volume that you will not find in other similar clipart sets.

Chuckie Harrison: Convenient Creativity

Have you ever found the perfect graphic or font and then learned that you can’t use it due to oppressive terms of use or because the cost for commercial use is 50-70x higher?

That will never happen at Chuckie Harrison. All of our graphics and fonts come with no-hassle unlimited commercial use.