Editing your Chuckie Harrison .pdf is EASY! Watch the video above!

Step 1: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (it’s free!)

Click here to download: get.adobe.com/reader

Lots of applications will open .pdf files, but not all of them work very well. If you use Adobe Reader, you won’t have any problems editing or printing your Chuckie Harrison Printable.

Step 2: Open Adobe Reader first, then select File: Open

Opening Adobe Reader first will ensure that your .pdf file opens properly. Your computer might already have a different default program for opening .pdfs, and we want to use Adobe Reader because it’s the best.

Step 3: Edit the blue highlighted areas with your information

Anything in a blue box can be edited. If you have a long name or address to type in, and you don’t think it will fit, don’t worry – the text will automatically resize as you continue to type.

Once you type beyond the blue box, you might find that the space bar stops working. Just keep typing in your text, and then go back and add the spaces in.

If you want to totally erase the text inside a blue box, go ahead and leave the blue box blank. The blue box won’t print, only the text inside it will print.